I was pretty excited Wednesday evening. I was planning my first live stream on Twitch that evening with a fairly complicated setup that involved tethering my iPad Pro to my Macbook Air, running QuickTime in the background to show the iPad’s screen, and getting all that into OBS for streaming to Twitch.

Well, the Macbook cranked pretty hard with it. The fan was going crazy! But, I felt it wasn’t too much (only 30% CPU load). I had my USB microphone connected, and off I went!

Of course, nobody showed up.

But, I wasn’t discouraged! A lot of first-time streams go unnoticed. And, I figured, “Hey, this is recording on my Twitch channel, so someone may get to see it later! Better just stream like I have a full house.”

I did about an hour and wrapped up the stream, confident in my assumptions. Then I went to unplug my USB mic and realized it was off. The whole time.

So, if you’re checking out my Twitch channel, you might notice that my first stream video has no audio of me.  At all.

But I hope you will enjoy the video portions, anyway. There is always next time!